Thursday, August 09, 2012

I think I got "fired" from the scam "job"...

I haven't heard from "Mr Sosa" my "boss" in the Nigerian-style scam job today. Now I feel kinda bad. Did I just get sacked from the non-existent job? And what about those poor fictitious foster kids and orphans? I feel like I let all of them down.  I checked the mail today once again, and the bogus check never arrived. Now, is there supposed to be a check sent to me? Or does the scammer just try to get me to wire him money under the time-honored ruse that "check's in the mail"? He did ask that of me on Monday, and I told him I couldn't. I've been pushing my push-back a little too hard, I think. I started asking him the name of the foster home, and who the director was, so I could call him to reassure the waifs and urchins that their money is coming. That might've tipped him off. My understanding of this version of the Nigerian scam, is that since Craigslist is free to post job offerings, "Mr Sosa" more than likely placed ads in every city, and could possibly have a few hundred "new employees". Since I began questioning him, and giving some push-back, he probably stopped wasting his ever-so-precious time with me, to devote to his other intended victims. Sorta makes me feel less "special". I really thought I was the only one he took the time to scam. Now, I'm hurt. *sigh*
In other Shoehead news, that ultra-hot Barret Swatek has been blowing up my phone! OK, so maybe she's not personally texting me, but her tweets are going off every few minutes. It seems she recently discovered tweeting. During my brief Twitter addiction of early 2010, I had about 25 people's tweets  updating to my phone--some friends, some people I thought were cool and relevant, and some--like the sweet Ms Swatek-- just plain HOT. Since then I deleted all but maybe, two or three of these phone updates. I'd skipped turning off Barret Swatek's updates because A) She's HOT, and B) she didn't tweet that often, so she was way under my radar. That is, until recently. Within the last few months, she's just been tweeting like crazy. And, since now that like, two of my friends update to my phone, every one of her copious tweets set my phone a-buzzin' and a-beepin'. I'm considering turning her updates off, too. I can then tell people--truthfully, but somewhat inaccurately--that Barret Swatek was blowing up my phone, so I had to delete her. Ah, yes! Sometimes, being Shoehead is a burden I bear for the rest of the world, so no one else has to be Shoehead; other times it's pretty damn fun to be Shoehead! I've been Shoehead for so long anyway, I don't even need to put much effort into it any more!
And, finally--I think this is funny:
There! (I feel like this past week of blogs has been a little light, so I'm trying to make up for it!)
Bonus nachos, everybody!

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