Thursday, August 16, 2012

My latest folly (or, my newest obsession, as it may be...)

I have been lamenting recently about the fact that I'm 46, and still renting (at a cheesy apartment complex, no less!) and I've never own a piece of real estate in my life. We came close, with the place in Firebaugh CA, but the Lovely Mrs Shoehead decided to retire at age 33, and our deal fell through. Plus, now I'm financially way behind the 8-ball. But, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I've been looking at options for starter homes, and getting very creative. I've always contemplated living off the grid, or quasi-off the grid. Getting some land dirt cheap, and putting a small house on it. Just me, and the dogs--with a fenced-in little yard to protect them from the coyotes. Then, it struck me yesterday. I was sent to a Home Depot way on the far end of town, and I rolled into this alien parking lot, and there it was. Or, they were. Whichever. The display models of TUFF-SHED cabins! They even had second floors, like lofts! Very cheap, too! There was a "Ranch" style, and a "Barn" style. They were everything I need to set up the new and improved camp Shoehead! Camp Shoehead 2.0!!!
I'm already doing my research, and looking for the cheap land. Somewhere a little higher elevation, and near an interstate, or at least a major highway. And no more than an hour outside a fairly big town. Since I lived and put some roots down in Las Cruces, I've been looking in Ruidoso, and Cloudcroft; as well as Truth or Consequences and outside Silver City. There are good land deals to be had, with water and electricity.  I think I can do this for under $100K, I'm thinking possibly under $75K! I also started looking into homesteading websites. Living off the grid will be a challenge, but I think with the resources available, I can pull it off. There's a lot of information and helpful hints from people that are doing just that. I believe also, as society gets more out of control, I think a lot of people will be doing this kind of thing.

These are the two I looked at  in the Slaughter Ave Home Depot parking lot.

This is the Ranch, for only $21,000!
This one is really cool, the Barn, for only $41,000!
So, anyway, that's my latest great scheme. It's all coming together!

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