Sunday, August 05, 2012

Back in the workforce...

I haven't blogged in a while. I'm really trying to stick to my "Blog Every Day" credo, but I've been preoccupied. First, the Chick-Fil-A flap, and its subsequent fallout burned me out to the point that I needed a mental detachment from my computer and the web itself. Yes, the WORLD WIDE WEB. Oy vey, the headaches!  Secondly, I'm once again trading my time for a little bit of money; this time it's water treatment equipment that I'm promoting. Something of a big deal here in Austin, where the water quality is rather hard and mineral-laden. So, I suit up, boot up, and strut around Home Depot inquiring do-it-yourself-ers and suburbanites about their water quality. Actually, the job is just enough to keep the Good Ship Shoehead afloat until I finish the vampire re-write, get the rap script into pre-production, and hit my next Herbalife level (the money level). So all-in-all, no complaints here. The other notable aspect of this job is the reinforcement of my long-held maxim that I hate jobs. I'm just not wired to be a time-card punching wage worker. I'm either a contract player (i.e. actor or film crew) or an entrepreneur.  Plain and simple. Some people are wired that way, some people have no choice, but it's simply not for me.  I don't look down on the employees of the world, but I'm not comfortable wearing that mantle. So now it's hammer time. I seriously need to get it in gear. No one's gonna do it for me; no one's gonna do it but me. Pass me a Bud Light Chelada, I'm goin' in!

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