Monday, October 27, 2008


What can I say? I really don't like any of the candidates. I can't stand politics, and yet this stupid election is getting crammed down our throats every minute of every day. Obama is so confident he's already won, that he's beginning to speak his mind; throwing out his socialistic plans to re-make our country in his own Marxist image. McCain, true to form fails to capitalize on Obama's redistributionist rhetoric, and plods along doing his best to lose to probably the most beatable presidential candidate ever fielded. I just feel like whichever of these schmucks wins, we all still lose.
Where can I go and hide out, unbothered for the next ten years or so?

Monday, October 06, 2008

In Exile...

Since mid-may, when our cable got cut off, and my internet access is at the mercy of the public library, and/or Kinko's, my blogging has definitely suffered. I feel like one of those governments-in-exile, trying to make my voice heard undire limited circumstances. Last week, I'd written a tribute blog about Paul Newman, and the servers at the library wouldn't let me log in to Blogger. I still have the blog entry on my flash drive, so I'll post it still; probably next week. I'm close to getting caught up and re-starting my cable and internet in Casa Shoehead. I can't wait! til then, I'm learning how to make wooden toy arrows, to cash in on some of that BULLSHIT bailout plan, that takes 700 BILLION dollars from some Americans, and gives it to others. Don't get me started. As our freedoms get flushed down the cosmic shitter every day, I'm trying to chart a new course for my life. Wish me luck...