Monday, January 19, 2009

One word for this whole thing-- fanaticism.

I know a lot of people are gonna hate me for this, but I really have to speak my mind. I think the scariest thing about the whole Obama thing is the cultish enthusiasm built up around this guy. The only word that comes to mind is fanaticism. People are practically orgasmic over the inauguration festivities, including good friends of mine. (I hope they still remain friends of mine. Great scorn and ostracism are traditionally lavished upon those who oppose the cult by the members of that cult.) Few people are balking at the $100 million+ price tag for this week-long bacchanal, when Bush’s $40 million inauguration was met with criticism, and “how many starving kids would this feed” or “how much education would this pay for” rhetoric. Every nuance of Obie’s coronation is celebrated and marveled at. At the same time, these people still can’t resist throwing jabs at President Bush even in the final moments of his administration. Now, I didn’t support every policy decision Mr. Bush made during his eight years, but I never felt a hatred for the guy like what was heaped upon him right up until the final moments of his term. Conversely, I never felt a devotion to him like Obie’s legions have for their guy either. I don’t think any president of the United States should garner a cult-like following. Even JFK, if you strip away his cultish mystique really was a C- president. (At least he cut taxes. OK, I’ll give him a C+) Good ol’ Jack gave us Vietnam, screwed over the Cuban freedom fighters at The Bay of Pigs, and ushered in LBJ and his “Great Society”. Great. But with lofty speeches, a stylish wife, and an adoring media, he has become an American icon, and-- due to an assassin’s bullet-- an American martyr!
OK, now I’m screwed. I criticized Obama and JFK’s hallowed image in the same blog! I hope I sill have some friends left. Hello… anyone?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Me and Hildegard Paar (January 13, 1907--July 28, 1997)

My maternal grandmother, Hilda Paar, would've been 102 this year. Yay, Grandma! This is a picture of her and me (as a dork) in 1994.