Saturday, March 27, 2010

Some more thoughts on secession...

I've really been thinking hard about my idea the last few days. It breaks my heart that we've come to this. as a kid, I was learning about the Civil War, and thought it absurd that the United States would actually split up. But now, we're in the midst of another civil war--not a violent one so far, (I pray it doesn't become one), but a war nonetheless between two highly polarized and incompatable sides--those that believe in freedom and personal responsibility; and those that believe in a huge governmental apparatus that runs everything in a person's life, providing anything they need and seemingly can't afford. These two positions ultimately cannot coexist. Government left unchecked by responsible public servants and an involved populace will seek to expand and engulf, until the entire population is subjugated.

So my idea, which I thought might appeal to the liberals--who are always concerned with "fairness"-- was to give 25 states to the liberals, and 25 states to the conservatives and freedom-lovers. I think that's a great idea, and it really does seem "fair". That way, both sides can have the kind of country they desire. I mentioned this to the Lovely Mrs. Shoehead, who-- alas--is as liberal as the night is long, and she would have no part of it, instead using my idea to bash Sarah Palin. Huh? Upon reflection, the liberals seem to not only want their own panacea, but they want everyone else to be subject to it as well. Hmmmm...

Anyway, I think my idea is great. 25 and 25 to each faction. The free states, would retain the title "United States of America", and the socialist states could rename theirs, "Obamaland"! I think that would be an amazing tribute to the historic young president. They could even have their own form of government that could let him be president-for-life! Maybe the capitol of their nation could be called "Pelosiville" or "Pelositown". Or hell, let's give all the accolades to this new founding father, and call it "Obama City". If they really wanna get down to it, the can start divvying up the states to all their different interest groups--the Blacks can have their own state; the gay, lesbian, & transgender community can have their own state; Latinos, the same, etc... I don't know, I really don't look at people as members of groups, I look at people as individuals. But I know that would indeed appeal to some people on the left, that's for sure. Their new nation would be theirs to do whatever they please with it. I dunno, these are just some suggestions. I really don't care what they do over there. I'll be living on the free side of the country, where the U.S. constitution will still be the law of the land.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

About the bill... an answer to @MsErica187

@MsErica187 is a model and club promoter from Orlando, Florida. She's one of my coolest Twitter friends, and a very interesting person (as well as a hottie!). Monday morning I made a statement on Twitter that basically stated that anyone who thinks this healthcare bill is a good thing doesn't know shit about economics, or freedom. Erica very politely asked me for an explanation of my view, and I promised her I'd post one up in my blog; being limited by Twitter to only 140 characters. I'll try to give my best answer as succinctly as possible, but if I don't finish today, I'll definitely wrap it up tomorrow. My opposition to this bill, especially the way it got passed in the house is so strong, and for so many reasons, I really don't know where to begin.

First of all, I don't like politics at all, and I really try to avoid bringing politics into this blog. I'd rather blog about American Idol, crazy reality shows, the weather, how boring it is in Firebaugh, my pets, anything, but politics. Unfortunately, with the current administration, and the media, and the general social climate in our awesome nation today, politics is getting shoved in my face. That being said, let me address the lovely Ms. Erica's question to me.

Erica, I'll cut to the heart of what my statement was about. You told me that you're not ignorant, and I'm not saying you are at all. I said that supporters of this bill don't know anything about economics, and I stand by that statement. Economics are not being taught in schools, and in college, Keynesian economics--which is a proven fallacy--is basically taught as a universal truth. Though the Democrats told you this bill is going to reduce the costs of healthcare, it is just impossible to give things away for free and expect costs to go down. Having the government pay for the medical treatments of everyone living in the United States (whether they're citizens or not) is simply economically unsound. The government is basically broke anyway, but now they plan to provide healthcare coverage for everybody. I hear people often say, "The government's paying for it..." but keep in mind, the government only gets its money from taking money from working Americans. A more accurate statement would be "My neighbors are paying for it..." To sum it up, this new medical plan is goiong to be so expensive, the government's not going to be able to pay for it. Taxes will go up, which will force the economy down (killing jobs), and the actual medical treatments will have to be rationed or denied altogether. The people who are in favor of this bill, some of whom were quoted as claiming that it's now like Christmas, don't seem to understand that there will be a huge price to pay.
That brings me to the freedom aspect. With the passage of this bill, the government is now in charge of your health care! Politicians and bureaucrats will now make medical decisions for you, solely based on cost, and if you're valued as a taxpayer! The terminal and the elderly, who are not seen as productive (taxpaying) members of society will be denied treatments, and possibly euthanized. Plus, the very nature of the government forcing every American to but health insurance, is unconstitutional.

Listen, I could go on all day. I'm still not even satisfied with this blog post answer to you, but I hope you realize that it's not out of hate that I'm passionately opposed to this new law. I love my country, and I believe in freedom for all individuals. This bill was unnecessary--70-75% of the American people were happy with their health coverage, and the uninsured were supposed to be covered by Medicare and Medicaid. PLUS, the way it was passed, with in-your-face bribery and corruption of congessmen, backroom deals and exempting people was absolutely disgusting. If the bill was so good, why do you have to exempt people to get it passed?
Anyway, I love people, and I love freedom, and in the end I believe Americans will do the right thing. Thanks for taking the time, Erica, as well as anyone who reads this...

Monday, March 22, 2010

A call for secession...

As I've blogged before, I really loathe politics, and I try and refrain from making this a political blog, but yesterday's passing of the illegal, unconstitutional, and destructive healthcare bill by a bunch of radicals has me really rattled. The glee that those people and their ignorant "something-for-nothing" followers over cramming a bill down our throats that advents the destruction of our great nation is so sickening, that I think I need healthcare now...
In the spirit of "let's-all-get-along", and "kumba ya", I think I've come up with a solution to make everybody happy. Since the country is divided anyway, let's split the country in half-- 25 states for the liberals to screw up as they please, and 25 states for the people who value life, liberty, and prosperity. The free states would go back to the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land. The socialist utopian half, well... who the f**k cares...?! They will have free healthcare, and free whatever else those people want, and leave the rest of us alone. Unfortunately, they will need us, especially our money. Hmmm... It's a thought.
I'm not even advocating a violent seperation, like in the 1860s. I just mean a peaceful divorce; kinda like the Czech republic and Slovakia underwent in the 1990s. No animosity, no hard feelings... Just a liberal paradise in one new country, and freedom and opportunity in the other. That way, we can all have the country and government we want! I think it's a wonderful idea!
As for me, I borrowed this slogan from the liberals: "Obama, keep your laws off my body!"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Camp Shoehead is in full effect!

The training camp set-up is a winner! I'll post up some pics later!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Monday! Things are the same, but changing...

Things in Firebaugh are looking, well... very much the same. But my associates and I have transformed Casa Shoehead into a training camp, and we're working out fiercely. In fact, I think I'll go back to the Camp Shoehead moniker for Casa Shoehead. it'll be very much like Camp Shoehead of last summer, but with electricity! And no crazy prison job to drag myself to every morning. (the I do miss the lovely ladies of C-Yard!)
I've also made forays into rejoining actor-world. A very good friend of mine is exec-producing a script that got a greenlight from a major studio. It's looking pretty good, plus there are otrher projects being shot around that locale. I might migrate to make a few movies and really get back into my first passion. The training camp is really helping, and I wanna give a shoutout to my ol pal Bildo, for giving the inspiration and a new fitness program. We discussed taking his program nationwide, and I'm going to help him do that.
Stay tuned, my awesome readers!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Corey Haim and my lawnmower died the same day

Yesterday I was somewhat shocked upon hearing the news of the demise of one of "The Coreys" from the late 80's teeney-bopper movies and magazine covers. Corey Haim always seemed to me a tragic figure in pop-culture Americana. Lacking the charisma of the other Corey, Feldman, Mr. Haim never seemed to catch the attention of the public. Even as Feldman hit bottom, and had become a puchline, the public still took notice, and allowed him a degree of redemption in the eary 2000's as he got married, had a reality show, and became by all measures--quasi-normal. Not so with Mr. Haim. It seemed that he was almost trying to out-Feldman Feldman in his screwing up. And yet... scantly a notice. He showed up on Feldman's reality show a boorish, petulant loser-- and still, no one cared. He finally took the tragic end, that will secure him press coverage and public attention--until the next untimely celebrity death. Sad, and a waste of a human life. He was a pretty good actor, and The Lost Boys was a classic. I wish his family well, and my condolences.

My lawnmower, on the other hand, chose the same day as Corey Haim to check out as well. Like Haim, my lawnmower had an unfinished feel to its life, having left me with half a lawn cut. Casa Shoehead, it seems, is destined to be the neighborhood eyesore, despite my best efforts. Like Corey Haim, my lawnmower did some good work, made me laugh at times, and left this earth way too soon. Both Corey Haim, and my lawnmower will be missed.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Yesterday's blog opened up a further discussion as to how the Golden Girls was actually a redux of What's Happening. Dee, the wise yet jaded, rarely smiling Yoda-type little curmudgeon; Rahj is Dorothy--the smart, yet somewhat nerdy dry-witted everyman, with intellectual pretensions. As for Dwayne, Dwayne got game! That's why he's the Blanche character. And loveable Rerun--simple, yet irresistably adorable--is the Rose all the way! Buried in their sweet goofiness are genuine pearls of wisdom and insight. Transforming inner-city black 1970's America into 1980's white Florida retirement-home culture was indeed a masterstroke.
"Thank you for being a friend" my ass--you people are rip-off artists!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I PROMISE Mr.T will be there, I swear!

While hangin around Casa Shoehead last night I was reminded of a standard sitcom plot that made my posse (yeah, I got one) laugh for hours. Remember the story on any sitcom--I think they're still doing it now--When one of the characters promises a famous person will appear at an event, and everyone's excited, but somewhat doubtful, then the celeb's running late, and no one believes that the character really knows the celeb. But in the end, the celeb does show up, appearing as him/herself, and all is right again! Remember that plotline? It came up when we heard last night on an oldies station The Three Degrees "When Will I see You Again". I thought about the Sanford and Son episode when Fred promised The Three Degrees would play at his social club, and they ran late, and Grady and all the oldsters in the club began chanting "We want The Three Degrees! We want The Three Degrees!" So funny...
Then there was Marcia promising that Davy Jones would appear at their homecoming, another classic! Or when Arnold promised that Mr. T would show up at his birthday party... and Mr. T delivers the tagline, "Whatchoo talkin' bout, Willis?" Priceless!
On the Golden girls, one of them (I forget who) assured our disbelieving octegenarians that Burt Reynolds is certain to appear at the fund-raiser, only to be vindicated when Burt's toupee showed up at the end of the episode, with Burt planted firmly underneath it!
The What's Happening episode when The Doobie Brothers were playing at Shirley's place was another good one. Rerun was coerced into making a bootleg recording for the neighborhood wiseguys, but after he just couldn't resist busting into his trademark dance moves, with the crowd parting the dance floor to give him center stage, his recorder and mike flew out into the middle of the floor! His plot was revealed to all!!! The Doobies were understandably upset, and were about to walk off, but--to the relief of everyone--Rahj's sage little sister Dee set everyone straight, including the band and their performance. The Doobies rocked on, and closed out the episode!
Man, I could go on... this seems to be a fallback episode to TV writers when they run out of ideas. Not quite shark-jumping, but swimming a little close to those waters. I'd like to produce a sitcom where that happens every episode, and the only thing the audience has to do is see who the celeb is for that week! First up--Beyonce! (Or has she done that already on show I don't watch?)
Salut, my awesome readers!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Not this again...

For the second time in a month, I find myself without a bed. First, my estranged wife, the always-lovely Mrs. Shoehead rolled in lst month and took the bed away to her new digs. She advised me to pull one of the old box spring/mattress combos from the back garage and employ that for my nightime slumbers. Now, the back garage is used as a storage facility for the landlord, Mrs. Shoehead's nefarious Uncle Nemo, and--let me tell you--the garage is nasty, moldy, black-widow-spider-webby, muddy, and animal-filthy. The were several mattress and assorted bed-parts leaned up against one wall of the space. So I dragged out the best-looking (or least-nastiest) box spring/mattress out of the garage, did my best disinfectation with bleach solution and Febreeze™, and staged it in my now single-guy room as artfully as I could. I used feng shui, chop suey, karaoke, Bruce Lee, and every other Eastern spiritual concept I could think of.
Then, yesterday, as I was about to go for a run--the door knocked. usually it's either Uncle Nemo, or my crazy cat-killing neighbor; this time, however, it was Mrs. Shoehead's cousin with a pickup truck, intent on reclaiming his bed. I helped him load it up, and take some of his belongings out of the rat-hole garage, and sent him on his merry way. I returned to my now bedless room, and noticed that the feng had shui'ed its way right out of my quarters. *sigh*
What next...?
Stay tuned, my good readers! I might have to go visit Larry Miller and his accountant Irwin very soon. "You're killing me, Larry!!!"