Monday, June 28, 2010

I feel like I'm made outta gingerbread! (Uh huh, uh huh!)

Now that my obligatory year-long mourning period for Jacko is over, it's time to get to some serious blogging. To my awesome readers, I offer up an apology for my flaccid blogging for the last year, as I was mourning the gloved one, and dealing with my own peccadilloes and follies. (I just took a shot of Captain Morgan's spiced rum for creativity fuel. I know it's not even noon yet. There's just a little bit of Captain in me now.) Where was I... oh yeah, rum (Takes another nip) NOW... Let's blog!
If you've been following my last few blog posts, my barking dogs, and my babysitting of Cowgirl for the ailing Lovely Mrs Shoehead, and the sneaky treachery of my co-tenants have darkened my standing here at the new Melrose place. While I may or may not get voted off the island, it has become all too apparent that my new digs are probably a mismatch for me, my tattletale co-tenants, and my landlord. I've been planning a major relocation this year anyway--a much needed exile from the Golden State--and now I've decided to hasten the process.Just as I was dealing with all this, a producer friend called me and opened up some opportunities in another city, another state. I think the lesson here is, when a door closes, another door opens!
And it's Monday, too! I love Mondays. To me, it's a new week, a fresh start. In fact, the Muppets actually reflect how I feel today:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

Last night's bruhaha only got worse when the landlord found out I was baby-sitting Cowgirl for my wife while she's in the hospital. I have a 2 dog max, and I understand that. I'm just too good-natured, and was trying to help my wife out, and since the landlord's out of town and took her dogs, I didn't think a couple days would be a big issue. I discussed it with the landlord's son, who is de facto house manager while the boss is on hiatus, but after the other tenants ratted me out, and Cowgirl's temporary presence was discovered, I'm on thin ice again!
I really don't enjoy being in Fresno (nothing against the raisin capitol, but it's just not me) my marriage is just about flatlined, I can't get any kind of work here, I have almost no friends here; it begs the question: WHY AM I HERE???
My family and close friends beckon me in Richmond VA, my brother's living the Life of Riley in the sun in San Diego, I have solid film connections with offers in three major cities--nice cities, too--WHAT AM I DOING IN FRESNO????
This current housing arrangement was temporary to begin with, and while the landlord's son assures me that I'm not on the chopping block, damage has been done. The circle of trust has been breached. Now, landlord doesn't trust me, and I don't trust the other tenants. I'm not comfortable in my domicile. When my dogs bark (they are dogs, of course) I get all tensed up. I don't think a situation like this can sustain itself very long. It's a shame, cuz the place is pretty nice! But my issues with the present situation are far larger than the apartment. What am I doing stuck in neutral like this? I'm not living, I'm breathing. YOU MUST HELP ME, OBI-WAN. YOU'RE MY ONLY HOPE!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Trouble in Melrose Place ALREADY...???

OK, So I'm renting the east wing of the new place. The Landlord stays in the main house in the center. Right now she's on vacation for a month. The people that live in the west wing had a problem with my dog barking (they have 2 dogs too) and instead of coming over and talking to me, they called the landlord while she's on vacation, and she just called me now to harsh me out. 
WHO DOES THAT??? I'm a nice guy, I live here, and yet they wanna get me in trouble with the landlord?
Landlord suggested I go over there and apologize/grovel... Wha...??? Not after this, freakin' rats!
Any thoughts/feedback on that friends?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

First night in the new digs...

This is my first night staying at my new place. It's pretty cool, and the people here are nice, but it just seems very strange to me to not be in my own home, with the Lovely Mrs. Shoehead (or at least her stuff) in casa...

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Firebaugh chapter, 3 days left...

I've been packing and moving my stuff to the new place in Fresno, and closing out the last bit of my Firebaugh experience. The Lovely Mrs. Shoehead & I had a yard sale this part Saturday, and we're planning a final "everything-must-go" clearance sale. Wow...