Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I think she looks great!

So all I heard about on the radio this morning was Hannah storm's outfit, and Tony Kornheiser's critique of it. I'm not familiar with Tony's work as a fashionista, but I was compelled to see for myself. I found this slideshow:

First off, Tony is no treat to look. First things first. Then, as I saw the outfit, and knowing Hannah is 47 years young, I thought she looked fantastic! Especially the boots. I'd have her keep'em on while... ummm, nevermind! But really, if that's all the Korn-man has to say about her, maybe he should stick to sportswriting, or whatever it is he does.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Life is a trip...

I had another blog topic today (I'm actually shaking off the funk and putting effort into my blogging again!), but I just recieved the news that an old friend of mine, Paige Kienel passed away this past November. I'd texted her a few times, and called, and had hoped to grab a latte with her on my Richmond trip this past December. When I didn't hear from her, I just thought she'd been busy. Paige was a real go-getter; she always had something going on. I saw on Facebook that it was her birthday, and I left her a birthday comment, and as I was gonna drop a quick note saying call me or something, I realized that she hadn't posted anything in a while. Plus, all the messages said things like "we miss you" and such. I scrolled down to realize that she was indeed dead, having died several months ago.
It really hit me hard. She was so vibrant, and full of life... One of the saddest things for me is that I hadn't seen her since 1996. We lost touch and reconnected through Facebook, but I hadn't seen her in person since the 90's. We'd exchanged numbers in September, and made tentative plans to get together over the Holidays, but it didn't work out. I guess if I'm trying to get a meaning out of this is that you just can't take life for granted. I'm very comtemplative right now, and I need to search for a deeper meaning.
Rest in peace, my cool friend... Meredith Paige Kienel 1971-2009

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

R.I.P. my phone (again!!!)

Since I connected my Twitter account to my Facebook, and then to my Cricket™ phone, it's been giving me nothing but grief. First, every single tweet posts to my wall, and a lot of my friends' walls. I've received many a comment about that. Plus, it just looks plain ugly on my Facebook page. Now, it seems the incessant updating of my Twitter friends seems to have killed off my crappy 2001-era phone! Oh, the humanity! So now I have to acquire another phone... I'm shooting for a 2005-era camera phone--wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Another rainy night in Firebaugh...

It's been totally raining for like the last 2 weeks (or 3?) and, while the rain is really needed, it's become a bit dreary and depressing. (But my lawn has never looked greener!) I missed the Super Bowl, cuz I had to take care of some business, but I knew the Saints would win. I just had a feeling.
Things are pretty much the same around Casa Shoehead, other than we've turned it into a hardcore training camp. Every day now--100 pushups, pullups (NOT 100...) Lifting weights again, 6-mile runs... That's definitely cool. I can feel myself getting stronger by the day... YAY! But the scene here in The 'Baugh is, well... Ummmm... quiet.
Bocce and Butch-Butch are fighting like dogs and dogs. I'm down to 2 cats. otherwise, the exact same as before.
Perfect blogging weather, though!
See ya tomorrow!