Thursday, September 03, 2015

The most beautiful poem anyone ever wrote for me...

Out of Nowhere
Kiza L.

He is mine
But more, I am his.
I was unaware of how I needed him.
Needed this.
A mysteriously interesting stranger
Older and more experienced at life and at love
Sensual and sexual
Handsome and strong
But vulnerable and somehow lost, looking for something or someone
Looking for a friend or even just an open mind to listen to his thoughts

A smile on his face that said to me, "I love"
"I love"
Not loving anything or anyone in particular...just, "I love"
I was addicted
How can "he love" that?
I want to be...what "he loves"
How can I be...what "he loves"?
Because I can see, from one his eyes...Oh, how he loves.

The first time he speaks to me, I
I feel confused by my immediate and almost un-worldly feelings for this stranger who "loves"
I submit almost immediately, because I felt I was supposed to.
I felt like submitting to this man, this mysteriously interesting stranger, sensual and sexual,
handsome and strong, who "loves"
Was my part of this new path I had started on, only a few weeks before he knew me.
A path I was put on to improve my self and know myself better
It was obvious then he was supposed to be a part of it

After only a short while, I became what "he loves"
And I loved him back
Without reason this feeling came over me, enveloping me
I love him
It's beautiful and it's inexplicable but it's mine
He is mine
But more, I am his.
Out of nowhere.