Monday, August 02, 2010

Shoehead's Myspace account, June 2004-July 31 2010

The other day, I made the decision to delete a few of my social networking websites, primarily Myspace, and a few other cheesy ones.  It seemed a tough decision not even six months ago, but for some reason, i found myself less and lees connected with it. I tried to contact some of the buddies I'd met over the years and tell them to meet me over in Facebook, my main hangout. And then, I did the deed...
I'd originally joined Myspace to look at some girl's modelling pics I was a bit miffed that I had to "join" this thing to look at pictures, and I looked at her pictures, and that was that. For a few months. I started noticing that there was actually something going on in this "MySpace" thing (back then, the cool thing was capitalizing the "M" and the "S"; that died out around 2006) I started actually meeting (not in person, of course) and interacting with some very cool people. It seemed to have its own scene, and its own parlance, with phrases such as "thanks for the add!", and... um... I forget. I haven't actually interacted on Myspace for so long, I can't seem to recall. Around 2005, I'd developed a Myspace addiction. I'd log in and just hang out... waiting for "new message" alerts, friending a ton of people, and bands, and interesting people--even some of my "real" friends. Sometimes I'd stare at the Myspace screen for hours on end. Yay.
The magic started to fade out around 2006 or early 2007.  As an entrepreneur, I joined several "home business" and "networking" groups, and soon began inundated with less of my "friends" posts, and more spammy ads. and my friend requests started coming from less and less fun, interesting people, and more and more "networkers". Also the bands got crappier and crappier. Sometime in late 2007, a friend of mine sent me an invite to facebook, and I joined that. Again, another slow start, with about 5 friends for the first year I was on it. But soon, more and more of my friends started popping up in FB. I also found a book called Facebook Marketing: Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business. I saw serious potential in Facebook, and saw they were a lot tighter on spamming then Myspace was. Plus, Facebook just seemed more fun than Myspace. In the meantime, I'd also joined several crazy social networking sites in an attempt to promote my home business, and well as this cool blog!
Recently, with my life going into a tailspin, I found that these things just seemed to complicate my life. I put out some notices to my friends where to find me, and  *BING!* Shoehead's Myspace was gone...
And I don't even miss it!