Monday, February 25, 2008

Taking a mini-break from the show...

I've been working on the second season of "Co-ed Confidential" for the last 2 1/2 weeks, and it's been a lot of fun (sorta)... I just came home to the lovely Mrs. Shoehead and my two dogs and four cats for a miniature "sanity-break".
I've been busting ass on set, as a P.A. (gotta love the 42 year-old P.A.!) and because of my experience in Transpo, (see my kick-ass resume) I was bumped up to Transpo Captain. Yee-ha!
So I'm driving back tonight to be on set bright and early!

I did watch the Oscars last night, and noticed that "No Country for Old Men" cleaned up. With that, I had to watch it, so I popped in my promo copy of the film and took a look. Did I miss something? I really didn't get the film. There were some good performances, but all-in-all, I thought the movie was, well... kinda sucked! I didn't get the ending, the whole film seemed totally choppy... I did start nodding off toward the end, but was it really voted Best Picture?

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pay-to-click sites (PTC's)

In the past year or so, pay-to-click sites (PTC's) have gotten more and more prevalent. My first reaction to them was not so much "scam", as a lot of internet skeptics are quick to view online earning programs, but more of "a-waste-of-time" view of them. I thought to myself, "This really couldn't be worth the trouble; how much could they really pay; etc..." After seeing more and more of them, and on the recommendation of an online marketing buddy of mine, I took a chance and joined one. Now, my mind is completely changed about them, and I whole-heartedly endorse them to any online referral marketer. PTC's are a new form of online advertising, that's all. Just like traffic exchanges, which at first I thought were worthless and stupid, they are fast becoming a new model for the internet; particularly in the new phenomenon of "Web 2.0" content and user-driven networking sites. I've always likened the PTC earnings to raindrops. at first, there are a few pennies. Nothing to get excited about. Like individual raindrops, by themselves they don't amount to much. But as referrals grow, the aggregate builds, and soon there's a torrent of rain (or earnings!)
As I got more familiar with PTC's I learned which ones I like better, and which I don't favor as much. these are factored by how much is paid per view, how many ads are available, etc. I'm a free member in all of them so far, but premium membership is definitely a better option. You get more ads to view, and the pay per viewing is higher-both for you and your referrals. You can also buy referral packages in different amounts that save you time. I bought some referrals, and made my money back in a matter of a week or two.
PTC's are also a good advertising medium for your own programs and sites you're promoting. The ad rates are very reasonable, and you're guaranteed viewers.

Here's a list of what I found to be the best in PTC's: - My Favorite. There are always a good amount of Ads to click every day. Good payout, too!
Clicks4Coins - Another favorite. You get $3 just for joining, and the ads are usually higher paying than other PTC's
ClixSense - A good PTC as well. Always good ads to view. - Again, good payout-lots of ads. - A good PTC, always about 15-20 ads. - Excellent!

The rest of these are very good, too.

These are great sites to make some extra money on the web. Referring is also not as hard as it sounds. Some downline builders, such as Free Money Team, and Marketing Pond make referring much easier, and actually fun!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Free Networking Sites That Pay You to Use Them!

These are all social networking communities. Some are similar to MySpace, only they pay you to visit friends, blog, upload pictures, etc. Some are more geared towards marketing, encouraging members to advertise whatever affiliate programs and personal businesses they like. And they're all free to join.

MyVieWin pays its members $5 just to join, and also pays for blogging, chatting, uploading photos, videos & music, and for referring friends.

Lazzeo also has a referral incentive, paying $15 for each 15 people you refer in any one-month period.

RFN pays for visiting friends, uploading photos and the like and also pays members to surf advertisers and create quizzes and polls and has a gaming area.

Trafficera is brand new and looks to have a LOT of potential, not only for making money, but for promoting other businesses and affiliate programs and networking generally. (And if you're an animal lover who's also an enthusiastic network marketer and decide to join Trafficera, consider joining the Animal Lovers team... we're awesome LOL!)




RFN (Rotatrix Friends Network)







Check them out... they're free so you have nothing to lose.

Hope to see you there (and there... and there... LOL)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Back to Work!

OK, I just got the call from our unit production manager (UPM) Muggs, and the company I crew with, Hemisphere Entertainment, is going back into production on Monday, Feb 11th. I'll need to show up early for a couple of prep days. Yay! It'll be tough, cuz now I live three hours north of L.A., in a little town called Firebaugh, CA. I'll have to stay with friends, but I have awesome friends that always let me stay there while we work. We're shooting all through February, and into early March. I can't wait to see my good friends again,; they're like my family...
Hemisphere filmed such family classics asUndercover Kids, and The Ghost Club.

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Friday, February 01, 2008

Back into my training mode!

So I finally started to get serious about my training regimen once again. After settling in to my new house (in the middle of nowhere-no gym, dry cleaners, or even pizza delivery!), it's finally time for me to get serious about my fitness program. in no time, I plan to lose my body fat, have six-pack abs, and build huge muscle!

I start tomorrow on my running program. Probably a 45 minute to an hour run. Now that I'm over 40, it's important to keep in shape.


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