Monday, February 25, 2008

Taking a mini-break from the show...

I've been working on the second season of "Co-ed Confidential" for the last 2 1/2 weeks, and it's been a lot of fun (sorta)... I just came home to the lovely Mrs. Shoehead and my two dogs and four cats for a miniature "sanity-break".
I've been busting ass on set, as a P.A. (gotta love the 42 year-old P.A.!) and because of my experience in Transpo, (see my kick-ass resume) I was bumped up to Transpo Captain. Yee-ha!
So I'm driving back tonight to be on set bright and early!

I did watch the Oscars last night, and noticed that "No Country for Old Men" cleaned up. With that, I had to watch it, so I popped in my promo copy of the film and took a look. Did I miss something? I really didn't get the film. There were some good performances, but all-in-all, I thought the movie was, well... kinda sucked! I didn't get the ending, the whole film seemed totally choppy... I did start nodding off toward the end, but was it really voted Best Picture?

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