Sunday, February 03, 2008

Free Networking Sites That Pay You to Use Them!

These are all social networking communities. Some are similar to MySpace, only they pay you to visit friends, blog, upload pictures, etc. Some are more geared towards marketing, encouraging members to advertise whatever affiliate programs and personal businesses they like. And they're all free to join.

MyVieWin pays its members $5 just to join, and also pays for blogging, chatting, uploading photos, videos & music, and for referring friends.

Lazzeo also has a referral incentive, paying $15 for each 15 people you refer in any one-month period.

RFN pays for visiting friends, uploading photos and the like and also pays members to surf advertisers and create quizzes and polls and has a gaming area.

Trafficera is brand new and looks to have a LOT of potential, not only for making money, but for promoting other businesses and affiliate programs and networking generally. (And if you're an animal lover who's also an enthusiastic network marketer and decide to join Trafficera, consider joining the Animal Lovers team... we're awesome LOL!)




RFN (Rotatrix Friends Network)







Check them out... they're free so you have nothing to lose.

Hope to see you there (and there... and there... LOL)

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