Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thirsty Thursday...

I'm still thirsty, in fact, because I didn't drink tonight I know what you're saying--"Shooey, no Bud Light Cheladas tonight?" To which I will respond, "Why, no, good friend. I had none of that delicious elixir of beer, tomato, and clam on this fine evening. But I most certainly will tomorrow!"  Today was a decent day. I'm staying on track with my previously-stated goals. I went to my weekly sales meeting today, and it reinforced that I really do suck at that walk-around-Home-Depot job. It's not so much the walking-around-Home-Depot part that I suck at; I'm actually quite good at walking around Home Depot. It's the getting-people-to-sign-up-for-shit-they-don't-really-want part that I really suck at. I'm sure that I'm not nearly aggressive enough, but I don't like to be bothered by sales pitches at Home Depot (or anywhere, really) and I'm quite certain that neither do most people. It's like, I'm live spam.  *sigh* I guess I'll have to just ratchet up my obnoxiousness, and just throw myself at everyone I see. Ugh.
But in a related Shoehead story--hanging around Home Depot so much has been giving me great ideas for Camp Shoehead 2.0. I'm really stoked to do this, It feels good. I know my dogs will love it! I'm planning the layout of the bathroom, kitchen, all the good stuff! It's gonna ROCK!!! I'm leaning toward New Mexico, an hour's radius from Las Cruces. The mountains near Ruidoso would be pretty sweet. Or maybe the desert between Deming and Silver City. I would set up a wind turbine and solar panels and never pay a power bill again!
So, as a Thursday wrap-up, I'm taking the advice of the Most Interesting Man in the World, and I'm staying thirsty, my friends. Tomorrow, I'll have two BL Cheladas for Fubar Friday!

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