Thursday, August 23, 2012

Here's the situation. (No, not that momo from "Jersey Shore")

After a very inspiring an motivating conference call from my Herbalife leaders, I'm very determined and focused. I also got involved with a new opportunity to market Solavei--an unlimited 4G text/talk/data for $49, and I've had a modicum of success with that, too. I'm trying to winnow out the negative people in my life. Not abandon them, because I don't do that to people, but lessen their influence on my life, my moods, my attitude, and my endeavors. So, with all the aforementioned factors, I've reached the conclusion that I need to proceed at all costs, and do whatever I need to do do make my goals happen. I'm about to go back to being "5-Job Jimmy" until I reach the next level. This 'just-getting-by' crap is... well, crap. As much as I hate waiting tables, I think I'm gonna suck it up and carry plates for 3-6 months. I'll treat it like a sentence. I've been to jail--waiting tables is better (slightly.) I'll sock away every penny until I'm able to climb out of the morass my life has become. In the meantime, I'll work on all my other endeavors with a new sense of purpose. Here are my goals, by category:

Herbalife: I'll become a supervisor in 30-60 days, and have my own nutrition club in 6 months.
Solavei: They make it relatively easy an attainable to hit $1000/month, so I'm shooting for that by the end of the year.
Screenwriting/Producing: I will put the rap script into pre-production, and the vampire script second draft completed in 30 days.
Acting: Get my SAG membership back on track, and secure an agent. Get back into the auditioning circuit in 3-4 months.

"Whatever it takes" is my new mantra from now until these goals are completed. The next phase will be to begin implementing Camp Shoehead 2.0, beginning in the Spring of 2013! So, that's the Situation, and not the Snooki...

And, I'll finish it out with something kinda funny:

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