Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday's gone...

Well, today was a smashing success, but without the "cess" part. Plenty of suck, though. I sent several more resumes and applications, and handily-crafted craftily-handed cover letters away into the ether, presumably never to be heard from again. I might apply for a few monkey jobs, just so I can hear the phone ring. But I did manage to get in my push-ups (100, in less than 5 minutes) and a 43 minute run, so it wasn't a total loss. I even applied for a non-paying blogging gig, and... *crickets chirping* But worry not for your ol' pal Shooey. There's always a BL Chelada in the fridge, and peanut butter in the pantry.
I think tomorrow might be another "Wear-your-chonies-outside-your-pants Day", just to really hammer home the fact that I: A) Have no job and B) Live in Austin. I even called my temp agency back, and asked them if they had any assignments that didn't suck; to which they responded "No." Luckily, I did manage to work out a few kinks in my vampire script, and I'm near completion there. So, Tuesday wasn't a total loss. But as the hours wane, and Wednesday starts to creep in, I'm about to put the lid on Tuesday. Nothing bad happened, but nothing good happened either. Just more of that ennui that I do love so much. So the status quo once again wins out! YAY!!!  Hasta la vista, Tuesday! I'll see y'all on Wednesday, probably with my BVD's outside my pants, too! (I'll post pics!)

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