Thursday, July 19, 2012

A quick Thursday wrap-up, while I enjoy my BL Chelada

Today was a pretty good day. I learned (to the chagrin of my friend/boss) that I suck at house painting, that latex paint comes out of your hair quite easily with water, that latex paint does not come out of carpet very easily with or without water, and that plumber's crack is amusing only to the plumber. (Sorry Ms. Homeowner, I just forgot to put on my belt. It was early...) It was indeed a day of edification for me. I can cross "house painting" off my job search list. I know to try and remember the belt, no matter how groggy I may be. And I know handy paint removal tips, just in case. So, I feel I earned today's BL Chelada. Especially delicious because I left it in the freezer for about 25 minutes, and my good friend Cindy sent me a tin of Old Bay Seasoning to add the the Chelada. Very nice!
Well, I still owe 100 push-ups, so I'll hit those in a minute. Take care and be square, good readers!


Frannie said...

Yes, it sounds like you deserve it and I hope your enjoying your Thursday night stud.

Mark Edrys said...

Thanks, Frannie! :)

Cindy Ruthven said...

I really think you should pursue a career as

a) Chelada Model
b) Chelada spokesperson
c) Chelada Copywriter
d) Bartender - you would rake in the tips!