Thursday, July 26, 2012

A tribute to Carrol's

Today on Facebook, someone posted an old photo of a Burger Chef, which was ubiquitous when I was a kid, and even in my teens and early 20's. That made me think of my favorite fast food place in my entire childhood, Carrol's.
In the early to mid-1970's, when I was a kid, this burger joint was just as big as Mickey D's! In fact, I preferred it. My family went to the one on Route 9 in Wappingers Falls, NY (I think there was on in Newburgh we went to as well) all throughout the Brady Bunch-era. We'd jump in our big Griswold station wagon, the Ford Country Squire, and head over to get 15 cent burgers. The Club Burger was their signature burger, and I remember it being absolutely delicious!
Over the years, I'd often reminisce about Carrol's, and why McDonald's made it big, and even Burger King (Which, for some reason my family never went to) attained lofty fast-food heights, while poor Carrol's went extinct in the late 1970's.
So I dug out some old (and more recent) pics of Carrol's to take a journey back to a simpler time; of 15 cent burgers, crazy station wagons, and bell-bottomed pants.

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Joe Niedercorn said...

I remember the Carrol's in both Wappinger's Falls and Poughkeepsie. I think the picture you posted with the Goodyear building next to it is the Carrol's that was on South Road in Poughkeepsie right next to the Poughkeepsie Plaza mall. I remember that Carrol's being open as late as 1977 or 1978.

The one in Wappinger's Falls was torn down and replaced by Burger King. I think the Carrol's corporation abandoned their own brand and became the largest Burger King franchisee in New York.

I loved Carrol's burgers and to me, they are the way a hamburger should taste.