Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The NM Senior Olympics (No, NOT me... Jeez!)

A good friend of mine texted me today, and let me know she was thinking about me. Today was the New Mexico Senior Olympics, and it was at last years that she and I had met, and became good friends. It was also my first event participating with the Las Cruces Greater Chamber of Commerce's Conquistadores, which is their ceremonial group. I made some great friends, and had really good times with the Conquistadores. I never got past their initiation phase, so I never was allowed to wear all the cool pins in my jacket. But the Senior Olympics reminds me of a great time in my life.
One other thing that struck me about the event, was the commitment and conditioning of some of the participants. From all over New Mexico they came, and were very spirited! There were old men that could 1) Kick my ass, 2) Outperform me in strength events, 3) Outlast me in endurance events, and 4) All of the above. I post a lot on my Herbalife Facebook Page about inspirational things, people overcoming hardships, and never giving up, and a common theme to my posts are old people working out or competing in sporting events. I've always admired that. The late great Jack Lalanne has always been a hero of mine. My very own dear ol' Dad, who just turned 78, still goes to the gym--and actually lifts weights--four to five times a week. (I know people in their 20's that go to the gym, and wouldn't know a weight if they tripped over one, which often happens.) And by sheer chance, as I received my friend's text this evening, I was at the beautiful ranch property of a brother from my church--an almost 200-acre spread that includes a lake. As we gathered by the lakeside, and my friend's text went off on my phone, the landowner's 82 year-old mother was on her return lap swimming clear across from one side of the lake to the other! Once again, just like the New Mexico Senior Olympians, I'm not sure I could swim across the lake and back!
So the text meant a lot to me, for so many different reasons. A shout out to my friend April, a shout out to the Las Cruces Conquistadores, and a shout out to all our athletes and exercise devotees over 60, that don't let age be an inhibiting  factor in their lives.

This is my Conquistadore pin, summer/fall 2011


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