Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Sunday, everyone! Time for a day of nothingness!

Today is a good day to do absolutely nothing. So, I'm gonna blog about absolutely nothing. This does beg the question: What is nothing, and why should I care about nothing? Philosophers throughout the ages have blogged about nothing. OK, maybe they didn't blog about it, but they sure did write about it. In the 5th century B.C., Parmenides argued that since you can talk about nothing, it does exist. OK, I'll buy that. Nothing does exist. His peers seemed to think he was a clown (Aristotle said he was "next door to madness"), and that nothing probably filled his head, but I bet if he were around today, he's get some kind of government grant to study nothing. And that's really something. I've often filled my head with nothing, too--especially during my college years. Around the same time as Parmenides, Leucippus tried a scientific approach to the study of nothing, using time and space calculations; much akin to what Einstein was doing in the 20th century A.D., but Einstein was actually studying something.
Nothing, for being nothing, has been given a great deal of power. "NOTHING can stop me from..." untold millions have declared, filling in whatever nothing was supposed to stop them from.  Nothing has been thought to be able to stop hunger. Existentially, nothing is supposed to change if nothing changes. That does sound pretty accurate, and self-fulfilling as well. The 20th century philosopher Billy Preston, in addition to having the best afro in recorded history, also proposed the mathematical and musical combination theory of "Nothing From Nothing Leaves Nothing" And lovers everywhere give the warning, "Nothing can come between us", as Sade implores.
So, as I hope I've illustrated, nothing is actually something, but don't worry: it's really nothing.
All of this writing about nothing has made me tired and thirsty. So until next time, adios, my friends!

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ambie.bipolar said...

I've read this a few times. Nothing is actually something.