Saturday, December 01, 2012

Today certainly was a lazy day!

I overslept this morning, until about 10am. It was kind of a drag, because I was supposed to go to a meeting of the prison ministry I'm involved with. I've been fending off this allergic-kinda stuffy nose/sore throat thingie for about 10 days now, but it finally went into my chest a little bit this morning. The rest of the day has been an exercise in laziness (Is that an oxymoron, or what?) I did manage to speak with the Realtor® about the Camp Shoehead 2.0 plan that I'm putting in place, and things are looking good on that front. I ran errands and paid some bills—which is productive, if unfulfilling.
My self-imposed exile from Facebook is seeming to generate curiosity and concern from my friends. That honestly wasn't the intent of the hiatus. I have several reasons for going dark on FB for a spell, which I've been formulating the blog in my head for three week. I'll put that as a new post; perhaps tomorrow. But I believe discovering the house in Ranger and following through with Camp Shoehead 2.0 has something to do with my FB blackout. I'll explore that one a bit later.
Tonight, I rehearse our Christmas Dinner Show at the church. I'm the "Credible Host" who plays against the "Comical Host". We've been working on our bits, and it's coming along pretty well, I must say!
Until next time, my awesome readers...

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