Sunday, December 02, 2012

Christmas Outreach

Today was a pretty busy day for your ol' pal Shooey. My church, Northwest Fellowship, had our Christmas Family Dinner and Community Outreach tonight. It was a great time, and not only did we get to celebrate and hang out with our church friends, but we invited people from the community and some of Austin's homeless people to eat with us, and enjoy the festivities. My role, in all this, was the emcee of the Christmas production. My character was actually scripted as the "Credible Host" and I had a couple of bits with the "Comical Host". It really was a great time, and the show went off absolutely 98% without hitch or glitch.  I was actually sorry it was over.  One thing tonight's experience impacted me with, is how much I miss live theater. I'm primarily a film guy. I love being on set, working with the cameras, doing cool stuff, and take after take of intense acting. But—after tonight, I realize how much I miss the excitement and energy of live theater. I think I'll insert myself back into theater world. Austin is a great town for it.
Another thing I really was impacted by was my heart for the homeless. Tonight I was drawn to three young people—"Sideshow", "Phoenix" and a girl who called herself "Toxic"—who lived in a homeless camp that my ministry feeds. They couldn't have been more than 22 or 23, but probably younger.  I took an instant like to these three, and made sure they got enough food and felt loved and wanted there. After they told me their names, they tripped out when I introduced myself as "Shoehead".  They even stayed behind and helped us stack up chairs and clean up. I plan to visit them, and help them as best I can, especially during the winter months.
So that was my weekend. Tomorrow, I go back to work. Oh, yeah... I haven't blogged in a while. I'll tell you about my new job, and bring you back to speed about what your ol' pal Shooey has been up to recently.
In the meantime, hasta tamale!

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