Friday, November 30, 2012

I may have found the site for Camp Shoehead 2.0

I've been checking out Ranger, TX ever since I saw a Facebook story about it about three months ago. It looks like the kind of place I can set up the next Camp Shoehead, the 2.0 version. It looks a lot like Firebaugh, actually and the house I'm eyeballing has remarkable similarities to Uncle Nemo's place back in the 'Baugh.  Ranger is an oil boomtown from the 1920's that slowly went bust over the last 80 years. It was named for a Texas Ranger camp nearby. Cool, huh? I need to make some definite changes in my life, and setting up Camp Shoehead 2.0, with Uncle Shooey's Cabin is definitely an imperative. The house has a fenced-in yard for the dogs, and it sits on a 1/2 acre corner lot; much like Casa Nemo in Firebaugh. R!anger is actually smaller than Firebaugh--Ranger boasts a population of around 2000, where Firebaugh has a bustling 5000!
So, my awesome readers, I'll again keep you posted. This seems to be part of the new plan...

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