Thursday, January 31, 2008

Downline Builders

Downline Builders

I'm really a big fan of downline builders. The concept is simple--use one site to promote several programs you're involved with. When you refer someone to the downline builder, and they sign up, they can enter their own referral ID into the different programs in the downline builder. If they're not in the program, they have the opportunity to join under your referral ID. Then when that person refers others into the program, it keeps repeating. The more people referred into it, the larger the downline. Here's an example: Your downline builder contains Program A, Program B, program C, and Program D. John signs up under you. He's already in Program A, so he puts in his existing referral ID. He joins Programs B and C, but for whatever reason he has no interest in joining Program D. So you've just got a level one referral in Programs B and C. Now, John refers Mary into the downline builder. Mary is not a member of any of the four programs, so she joins A, B, and C under John (B and C she's in your level two) and Program D she's on your level one.

As you can see, it's possible to build an enormous downline in several of your programs using these sites.

These are some of my favorite downline builders:

Free Money Team and MarketingPond
are both excellent sites, and all the programs are 100% FREE to join.

The Home-Income-Team(HIT) is also an excellent program. It's free to join,and most of the programs included are free as well, but there are some premium or pro-membership programs too. The training modules themselves are excellent, and worth joining this program in itself.

Another good, solid downline builder is TrafficHoopla. no frills, just a solid program.

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