Saturday, December 29, 2007

The NEXT phase in social networking...

I've been on Myspace for just over three years. A friend of mine wanted to show me her modelling pictures, and I joined to just look at them. I thought it was a pain-in-the-ass to sign up, and give all that personal information, and all that just to look at some pictures, but about three weeks later i realized the potential of this phenomenon, and what I'd stumbled across. since then I've found Myspace almost invaluable-- finding long-lost buddies, meeting new people, promoting all kinds of things, etc. It led me to Friendster,, Google's Mappr, Yahoo's 360, and Youtube's "Shoehead Channel". Now there are all kinds of programs, and they're evolving; developing their own niches and specific purposes and demographics.
It was only a matter of time before the social networking craze caught on to the concept of monetization. Now there are networks that actually pay you to belong to them!
The first one is Yuwie. This is perhaps my favorite right now, because you actually sign up for free, and get paid real money! you can't beat that!
My next favorite is JoePopular. This is a network very friendly to internet-marketers. it's easy to use, and the people are very cool. I've even chatted with the owner, and he's a super guy.
Another online community is AdLandPro. They're very purpose is for advertising and marketing. I like this site alot, and there's alot of income potential there.
Finally, there's Directmatches. Another marketing community, they are more of a business-to-business type site.
I believe, with the relative newness of the internet to human culture, and the even newer-ness(?) of social networking, we've only seen the beginning of a whole new lifestyle/economy/culture.

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