Thursday, July 05, 2007

I Knew it All Along…

Not since reading Robert Kiyosaki’s pivotal Rich Dad, Poor Dad has a book had such an impact on my life and personal philosophy as Barbara J. Winter’s Making a Living Without a Job (Bantam, 1993). Like Rich Dad, this book not only gave me new insights and information, but helped codify concepts and outlooks I’d already had. Ms. Winter is the founder of Winning Ways, an education and publishing firm dealing with entrepreneurship and personal growth, which are two of my favorite subjects.

The book starts out, and devotes a good portion of the first section to developing the mindset to transition from employee to entrepreneur. This is very important, because living without a conventional job is not simply a matter of quitting the 9 to 5 and starting a business. There’s a huge difference in mindset and psychology. Confidence, self-esteem, and steely resolve have to take over. The book is full of exercises to help the reader develop the creativity and passion found within. Ms. Winters illustrates very well the importance of the connection between mindset and entreprenuerism. She also outlines her journey from employee to self-employment. The latter part of the book provides resources to help the reader get started. One thing that particularly strikes me about this book is that it was published before the advent of the internet, so that a lot new resources would conceivably be available.

Making a Living Without a Job fits right in with my philosophy of life, and is another open door in my own personal journey. The writing style is light and easy, and I finished the book in two days. I plan on using this tome as a handbook as I negotiate my own ‘Joyfully Jobless’ career. I’d recommend this book to anyone who feels they don’t have the perfect “fit” in their career.

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